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Do you have standing water in your yard after a rainfall? Do areas of your lawn remain wet for weeks after the rain has ended? Do you have downspouts emptying near your home’s foundation? Poor yard drainage can result in many problems for your home and landscaping including damage to your home’s foundation, damage to shrubs, and leaving your lawn a wet, muddy mess. In addition, wet areas in your lawn become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and can lead to erosion of your top soil.

Your B-Dry® Systems of Louisville consultant will evaluate your exterior drainage system and lawn grading to determine if any changes are needed to keep water from building up around your foundation and to eliminate wet areas in your lawn.

Your basement ought to BE DRY, Your yard ought to BE DRY too!
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Common Causes of Yard Drainage Problems

Ideally, lawns should be graded to move water away from the home’s foundation and to prevent water from ponding anywhere in the yard.

Properly operating rain gutters and downspouts are a necessity for good drainage. If rain runoff from the roof is allowed to pool near the foundation, significant damage to the foundation and landscaping can occur. Blocked rain gutters, missing downspouts, and downspouts draining within a few feet of the foundation should all be corrected.

Underground springs often surface in a lawn creating a year round wet area. These springs can be a nuisance if in a little used area of the lawn or a major problem if they deliver a constant source of water to the area of the foundation.

Some drain systems prove to be inadequate over time for many reasons. Sometimes they get stopped up, clogged, crushed, or buried. Other times the size, location or even type of system that was originally installed was not sufficient to handle the need.

Oftentimes, good grading and drainage are hampered by driveways, sidewalks and roads that block the flow of water. Additions to a home, new garages, patios, and raised landscaping beds can also redirect water to undesirable areas.

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Yard Drainage Solutions

Drain tile

If surface drainage is possible, proper grading is often the least expensive and most effective solution to correcting an area with poor drainage.

Adding extensions to downspouts, even by a few feet, can often make a significant improvement in keeping water away from a home’s foundation. An even better solution is to drain all downspouts into buried pipes that move all the water collected by the rain gutters far away from the home.

Catch basins are buried reservoirs used for collecting surface water or runoff. They are typically used in low lying areas of a lawn or in areas where water flow is obstructed. They can be very effective to drain areas where grading is either not possible or not practical.

French drains combine a graveled trench and perforated pipe to move underground water away from an area, often the home’s foundation.   French drains can be effectively used to make a drain curtain in yards where one part of the lawn is sloped towards the home. They also can be used to drain underground water that is seeping to the surface in an area.

Typically used in long installations to drain water across a driveway or patio, grate drains can also be used to drain water from low areas in a yard.

When there is no way to drain water via gravity, a sump pump is often the only option to remove unwanted water from an area. Exterior sump pump installations require careful planning and installation to prevent freezing during cold weather.

B-Dry® Systems of Louisville is here to assist you with all your exterior drainage problems.

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