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A wet or flooded basement can be a very frustrating and costly problem. Water in your basement can damage your home and personal belongings as well as foster the growth of mold and mildew and attract undesirable insects. We understand your concerns and are here to offer basement waterproofing permanent solutions to your wet or damp basement.

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basement-waterproofingWater in basements has caused headaches for home owners across the country for many years. B-Dry® Systems of Louisville can help you say goodbye to those headaches forever. Since 1958, the B-Dry® waterproofing system has been used to waterproof nearly 500,000 homes and businesses. There are many basement and foundation waterproofing “methods” but few of them can be considered “solutions” that are totally effective in combating the five most common ways water enters a basement. The B-Dry® Waterproofing System is a specialized, patented home waterproofing system designed to address those five most common ways ground water enters a basement or crawlspace. When you need a trusted basement waterproofing company, turn to B-Dry® Systems of Louisville! Over 36 years of drying wet basements and thousands of satisfied customers have made us the area’s number one waterproofing contractor.

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Basement Waterproofing FAQs

There are many things that indicate the presence of water in a basement, the most obvious being visible water on the basement floor or wet carpet in the basement. Other not so obvious signs of a basement leak include:

  • A musty smell or odor in the basement
  • Signs of mold or mildew on furnishings and walls
  • Cracks in the foundation walls or floors
  • White powder (efflorescence) on the foundation walls
  • Bug infestation
  • Dampness or high humidity
  • Bowing or buckling walls
  • Paint peeling from the foundation walls
  • Discoloration of baseboards
  • Rust on the bottom of metal belongings
  • Rot on the bottom of paneling

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms above in your home, B-Dry® Systems of Louisville can provide a basement waterproofing solution for you.

Our waterproofing consultant will call ahead to confirm your appointment and arrive on time. During the appointment, we request to meet with all homeowners and anyone else involved in the decision making process so all questions or concerns can be answered. Depending on the size of your basement and extent of the problem, the appointment will take between 60 to 90 minutes as we thoroughly inspect your home, explain our findings and review our solution. If possible, we ask you to clear the area in your basement where water has been leaking so our consultant has unobstructed access. While there, our consultants will assess your basement and exterior drainage to determine the source of the water. We will take measurements of your basement, prepare a quote if repairs are needed and explain why we suggest a specific basement waterproofing solution for your problem. Our professional representative will help you diagnose the problem and determine the best solution. Contact us today to schedule your no cost, no pressure quote.

There isn’t an easy answer to this question. A simple repair for a leaking crack in a basement wall may only be a few hundred dollars while installation of a full perimeter waterproofing system in a large basement can be several thousand dollars. The reality of waterproofing costs is that it truly depends on your home and the severity of its particular issues. The size of the area you need to waterproof, the severity of the damage to the foundation, the type of waterproofing needed – all these factors must be considered when designing the best solution and will determine the actual cost. The best way to determine the price for waterproofing your basement or crawl space is to take advantage of our no cost, no pressure quote for homeowners. One of our waterproofing consultants will take measurements and inspect your home. Upon completion of our inspection, our waterproofing consultants will recommend the most economical solution to your resolve your problem permanently.

Similar to cost, the length of time it takes to complete the waterproofing work will vary with the type and extent of the problem. Some simple jobs take less than a day, while more extensive work may take up to a week to complete. After completing your quote, the B-Dry® Systems of Louisville consultant will discuss the expected amount of time it will take us to complete the work. When the job is scheduled, you will be provided with a more exact time frame. Unless we run into unexpected problems, we always complete our jobs on time.

After completion of a full inspection, our trained and experienced consultants will discuss their findings with you, explain what is causing your basement to leak, and recommend the most economical and practical solution for your individual situation. In many cases, a basement leak can be resolved by correcting one small area. In other cases a more significant repair is needed due to the extent of the problem or the potential damage excessive water intrusion may cause. Sometimes, our consultants find no waterproofing solution is needed at all because the water issue is being caused by something other than basement leak. Plumbing leaks, leaks at the threshold of doors, and roof leaks often show up as water in the basement. If waterproofing isn’t needed, we will tell you and also recommend local service providers to assist you in resolving the other problem. It pays to have a reputable waterproofing contractor like B-Dry® Systems of Louisville visit your home and provide trusted advice before making a decision.

Not necessarily. Our waterproofing consultants have many innovative solutions from which to choose to stop water intrusion. After a full inspection of your basement, our consultant will discuss with you all options to resolve the basement leak. In some cases, the work can be done from the exterior. In others, we can effectively direct the leak into our waterproofing system without having to remove finished walls. There are situations, however, when removing the baseboard and some paneling or drywall will be necessary to complete the work. If this is the case, we can assist you with this additional work.

The five most common areas for a basement to leak are: the cove joint (where the foundation wall meets the floor), cracks and imperfections in the foundation wall, cracks in the basement floor, around basement windows, and around pipe penetrations through the foundation wall. B-Dry® Systems of Louisville can offer permanent solutions to stop water from entering your basement.

There are many methods used to try to prevent water from entering a basement. Water is a very powerful and persistent force, however, and many “do it yourself” and inexperienced waterproofing solutions fail. The best decision is allowing one of our experienced waterproofing consultants to figure out which basement waterproofing method would best suit your situation as soon as you notice the signs of a leak. Some typical methods to stop a basement leak include:

  1. Excavating and coating the exterior foundations walls
  2. Installing an exterior French drain system
  3. Applying a waterproof coating or sealer to interior walls
  4. Sealing foundation cracks
  5. Installing a below floor interior drainage system
  6. Applying a waterproof membrane to the interior walls

The B-Dry® System has been used to successfully waterproof basements for over 58 years. Our highly skilled consultants will do a thorough inspection of your home and recommend the best solution to solve your basement water problems.

The most effective way to keep water from entering your basement is to help ground water move freely away from your home’s foundation. The best ways to accomplish this is to keep the ground around your home sloped away from the foundation and ensure nothing obstructs the water flow. If your home does not have rain gutters, install them. If you already have rain gutters and downspouts, keep them clean of debris and make sure they drain well away from your home’s foundation. Extending your downspouts with underground drainage is also a good idea. If your basement has below grade windows, ensure window wells are installed, cleaned of debris, and kept covered so they don’t collect water. The B-Dry® Systems of Louisville consultant will evaluate all these areas while at your home and recommend any needed changes. We can also assist you with all of the above suggestions if you do not want to do them yourself.

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